Publishing Your Class Syllabus Online

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The School of Information makes all of our class syllabi available online with links posted to our online Class Schedule. These links must be made available prior to the official first day of classes each semester.

Additionally, the State of Texas, under House Bill 2504, has mandated that the University maintain a centralized public search site compiling syllabi and instructor CVs for all courses offered on the Undergraduate level.

Instructions for how to comply with this requirement are available here.

Putting Syllabus/Class Information Online Using Canvas

  • Course Syllabi are typically generated within Canvas.
Once the syllabus has been published, you must take additional steps to make sure the syllabus is publicly visible regardless of login credentials. Instructions for this process can be found at
Once the syllabus has been made public, your final step is to connect it to your class entry on the iSchool class schedule page. This is a fairly automatic process which simply involves entering the syllabus URL into the online form at and matching it to your class schedule entry using the pull down menu provided.

If you prefer not to use Canvas...

  • You may also simply create your syllabus the old fashioned way and save it as any one of these standard document formats (doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt).
  • We'll still need to publish it online and make it findable via our online class schedule, so...
Once you have a completed your syllabus document, just upload it to our server using the form at and match it to your class entry on our schedule using the provided pull down menu.
Your syllabus will then be saved to our server and the link will automatically be posted to our online class schedule.
  • Should you revise or update your syllabus at any time after publishing it online, you'll need to repeat this process so the most current and accurate version is always publicly available.