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Welcome to the School of Information Wiki at the University of Texas at Austin! This wiki will evolve and grow as we experiment with how best to use this as a reliable and helpful information resource, but ideally the wiki will become:

  • A place to group information that changes regularly
  • A way to crowdsource information about the school and school activities
  • A place for students to learn more about using wikis
  • A tool for students who want to create and organize their own groups
  • A way for students to share and disseminate information about school related activites

Administrative Procedures for Faculty, Staff and Students

    For Purchasing:
    Office Supplies
    Non Office Supplies
    Professional Services/Consulting, Etc
    Mechanical Turk

Faculty Handbook

Information for New Faculty

Course Preparation

see also HB2504 Undergraduate Syllabus Requirements

Faculty Evaluation


About UTA / 1616 Guadalupe St. (incl. nearby restaurants)

UTA Building Information

Close restaurants for taking visitors to lunch

Technology: Email lists, Displays, HTML Resources, ...

Privacy/Security Tips & Productivity Tools

Tips to protect your online privacy

Productivity Tools