2010 Fall Technology Showcase

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The UT Austin School of Information's Fall 2010 Technology Showcase will feature posters and live demonstrations showcase ongoing technology-related student research. Topics include the many facets of technology in a broad social context: development, application, use, human-factors, process, and policy.

When: Friday 12/3 10a-12p

Where: UTA 1st Floor (1616 Guadalupe St.)

  • Demonstration rooms: 1.204, 1.208, 1.212, 1.502, and 1.504

Who: Open to the public; all are invited to attend!


Presenter names are listed alphabetically

  • Daniel Acevedo, Ana Carmona, Daniel Hill and Bhavna Verma
       Shared Storytelling Spaces
  • Steven Fazzio, Cathrine Grady, Peter Zhang
       Math in Motion
  • Lu Guo
       Local business recommendation system on Google Android phone
  • Natalie Hill, Stephen Kuperman, Misha Sra, Chalie Xu
       Austin Neighborhood Health Score: A Touchscreen Solution for City Planning and Community Health Data Visualization
  • Saral Jain
       WISE: Wordnet based Image Search Engine
  • Andy Luong
       Topic Modeling: Geospatial Exploratory Search of Restaurant Reviews
  • Eliot Scott
       Congregational Church of Austin Digital Archives
  • Aibo Tian
       Active learning for personalized search engine


Presenter names are listed alphabetically

  • Sara Arnold-Garza, Tina Brooks, and Emily Calkins
      Survey of e-book usage and concerns
  • Fatemeh Alavizadeh,
      Book Recommendation based on user reviews
  • Jae Hyeon Bae
      Density based document clustering on shared-nothing distributed environment for story finding
  • Yinon Bentor
      Passage-based Linking of Scanned Books at Massive Scale
  • Jack Boettcher
      Christopher Johnson and Margaret Pevoto How Student Users Name and Search for Digital Files
  • Ramona Broussard
      Measuring Frequency of Change on Interactive Video Websites
  • Ramona Broussard, Catherine Grady, Daniel Hill, and Preeti Mudliar
      Staying Sane with 'MySchool': A scheduling tool for iSchoolers
  • Tina Brooks, Shannon Moore, Samantha Pitchel
      Nightlife Ninja: Local Event Listings Tailored to Your Tastes
  • Katherine Charek Briggs, Amber Teinert and Christina Nelson
      School-age Students' Use of School-Provided Online Database
  • Mary Capps, Amy Franco, Colter Starr, and Jeremy Zuni
      Music Information – Search Behaviors and Satisfaction
  • Ana Carmona
      Tangible User Interface for Collaborative Music Exploration
  • Ashley Carter
      Reference Services versus Social Search: Analyzing Information Seeking Behaviors
  • Ashley Carter
      Reference Services versus Social Search: Understanding the Changing User-Librarian Relationship
  • Emily Coleman, Rebecka Embry, and Steven Fazzio
      Austin Coffee Shop Locator
  • Amy Dolejs, Dohun Kim, Irena, Klaic, and Di Liu
      Austin Veteran Resources
  • Jeff Donahue
      Inferring Query Similarity through Search Trends
  • Wei Dong and Xiuming Zhu
      Improving Recommender System using Social Network
  • Rebecka Embry, Tiffany LeMaistre, and Lindsey Van Zandt
      Technology and Work: The Reference Experience
  • Marjory Gibson, Michelle Keba, and Marion Rocco
      Supporting Children's Access to Online Resources
  • Savannah Gignac
      Digital Music Libraries & Their Technology
  • Lu Guo
      Local business recommendation system on Google Android phone
  • Lara Hanneman
      Users and Their Search Systems: A Literature Review of User Studies in Information Retrieval Research
  • Saral Jain
      WISE: Wordnet based Image Search Engine
  • Kathleen Joyce, Megan Clark, April Sullivan, Shannon Daily and Miriam Richards
       Google Reader: A Usability Study
  • Hyun Joon Jung
      Social Network based Computational Trust Model for Personalized Search
  • Ryder Kouba, Kirk Yoshida, Tres Wilcox and Brent Sipes
      Bexar Archives Online Usability Study
  • Abhimanu Kumar
      Crowd Sourcing with Noisy Labels and Asynchronous Labeling
  • Gayathiri Ramadevi Lakshmanan and Prathyusha Senthil Kumar
      The Aerie: Improved Twitter Search
  • Andy Luong
      Topic Modeling: Geospatial Exploratory Search of Restaurant Reviews
  • Saurajit Mukherjee
      Learning Relevance: A study of the effects of representation and feature reduction of web pages on relevance
  • Abigail Nersesian and Katrina Windon
      Social Commerce: Harnessing the Purchasing Power of Web Based Communities
  • Cary-Anne Olsen
      Real-Time Data from Social Networks: Challenges of Visualizing Global Public Information
  • Ji Hyun Park
      Understanding users' multitasking behaviors and situations in computing environments
  • Hohyon Ryu
      Pairwise Document Similarity with MapReduce for Efficient Document Expansion
  • Elben Shira
      Expert Search on Code Repositories
  • Nikita Sudan
      Constructing an opinionated micro-blog dataset with crowdsourcing
  • Aibo Tian
      Active learning for personalized search engine
  • Eryn Whitworth
      Interface Design for Collection Development
  • Eryn Whitworth
      Multitouch Interaction Design Space Notation
  • Brandon Wiley
      Bayesian Model of the Video Search Experience