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1616 Guadalupe St.

The School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin will be moving from its current locations to the UT Administration Building (UTA) during July and August of 2009. Beginning Fall 2009, most iSchool classes -- including those formerly held at the Sanchez Building (SZB), Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL), Flawn Academic Center (FAC), and the Collection Deposits Library (CDL) -- will be held at UTA.

UTA is located at:
1616 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX 78701

What does it look like inside?

Check out the iSchool's 1616 Guadalupe blog for some early pictures of the building's renovation. For a tour of some of the first-floor rooms, check out this video: <dhflashplayer>file=1616tour.flv|width=320|height=240| path=https://spyder.ischool.utexas.edu/tutorials/videos/</dhflashplayer>

Where are classrooms located? What rooms are on which floors?

All classrooms and labs, including the IT Lab and the Paper and Books Labs are located on the first floor. The student lounge is also located on first floor. All iSchool offices, including faculty, staff, research, and PhD offices are located on the fifth floor. A large conference room and smaller seminar rooms are also located on the fifth floor. Maps have been provided below for your viewing pleasure. Click to enlarge.

The iSchool shares the building with other departments from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas System.


How can I get in the building?

A guard is stationed at the front door of UTA during "regular business hours," from about 8AM to 5 PM. Doors are unlocked during that time.

A prox card (pictured at right) is required to access the building after regular business hours. Check the back of your UT photo ID; if one of the corners has a blue HID logo with a brief set of numbers next to it, you have a prox card. If the card does not have the logo, you need to go to the ID Center in the FAC to exchange your current ID for an ID prox card. There is no cost for the exchange. You will need to swipe in with your ID to enter the building outside of "regular business hours".

I now have a prox card. Do I need to talk to someone to get it activated for the building?

No, once you've received your prox card from the ID Center you should not need to contact anyone to activate your card. Around the beginning of the semester we generate a list of iSchool affiliated people, and then upload that list to the system daily in order to allow those people access to the building. If you just received your card, it might take a day or two for your card to work. If you have had your prox card for some time and it does not appear to be working, then please contact us.

Where is the nearest bus stop?

There are Capital Metro stops at (click links for bus routes and times):

The following maps were taken from the Capital Metro site on June 23, 2009. Check Capital Metro's web site for latest schedule and route details

Capital Metro downtown bus system
Capital Metro bus system around UT

We are waiting for additional information from UT's Parking and Transportation.

Will the bus or shuttle routes change?

Changes to the shuttle services have been made @ 1616 Guadalupe. The bus stop located at 16th & Guadalupe is now served by the following UT shuttles:

Route 662 (UT - ER Enfield Road) - http://www.capmetro.org/gismaps/maps/662.html

Route 663 (UT - LA Lake Austin Blvd) - http://www.capmetro.org/gismaps/maps/663.html

Route 683 (UT - Combined Enfield Road / Lake Austin Blvd) - http://www.capmetro.org/gismaps/maps/683.html

For info regarding schedules for these routes, please review the details provided by Capital Metro - http://www.capmetro.org/riding/schedules_ut.asp Please send requests/comments to Dennis Delaney <ddelaney@austin.utexas.edu>.

Is there "A" permit parking in the area?

Unfortunately, there is no "A" permit parking in the immediate area. The closest "A" lot is adjacent to the Erwin Center.

Are iSchool students allowed to park in the attached garage?

Yes, with the proper parking permit (like any UT garage). The attached garage, Guadalupe Garage (GUG) offers student permit parking, faculty/staff permit parking, visitor parking, paid daily parking and department parking options. Another option is the UT Share Pass.

The garage's hours are 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. The entrance to the parking garage is on 17th street. Metered and unmetered street parking is available close to the building. We hope to have more specific information about that parking available on this site in the future.

Map of UTA and GUG

Is there scooter or motorcycle parking available?

"M" parking is available at the parking garage. Other than that, we've seen motorcycles take advantage of some of the nearby free parking.

Are there bike racks available?

Yes, there are already 28 spaces for bikes on racks located on the "hardscape" on the north end of the building (17th & Guadalupe).

Is there a way to return library books at the new building, or do we need to take them to the PCL?

There are no plans for the library to offer any type of book drop in the area. Plan on dropping books off at the PCL or other official book drops.

Where are the nearest places I can get coffee?

Arturo's Bakery and Cafe at 17th and Guadalupe.

Starbucks at 15th and San Antonio.

Where is the closest ATM?

An ATM will be installed and operational in the west 1st floor lobby.

Have incoming students been notified about the move?

We will be sending email to all incoming students as well as post announcements on our site.

Are there vending machines? Where are they located?

Yes, there are vending machines near the west end of the first floor.

Do students have access to a refrigerator and/or microwave?

Yes! There is a fabulous student lounge on the first floor with a kitchen equipped with refrigerator, microwave, sink, tables and chairs.

When and how can we start scheduling group events?

The new room reservation system has been set up. Just contact one of the receptionists to make a reservation.

What is furniture in the new building like?

Fantastic! But you'll need to wait and see.

Are there any tables/chairs/grass/hangout places outside of the building?

There are benches on the "hardscape." So far there are no trees or grass around those areas, but we are still talking to people about improving the surroundings. Stay tuned.

Do students have access to lockers or mailboxes?

There are lockers available across from the IT Lab. Students will need to provide their own locks.

There are no student mailboxes in the new area.

Will there be an iSchool tab at the dog and duck? Will tea with the dean change to happy hour with the dean?


Whom should I contact with more questions?

Go ahead and ask questions on the Discussion page! You should see a link to the discussion at the bottom of this page when you are logged in. We will be watching the page and answer as soon as we are able.


Thanks to Vivi Hoang for the initial creation of this FAQ, and Mary Lynn Rice-Lively, Rebecca Holte, Jessica Wood, Sam Burns, Kai Mantsch, Quinn Stewart, Carlos Ovalle and the IT Lab Staff for their contributions.